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We Believe…

that if humanity moved toward Heart Consciousness, most if not all of our world, societal and individual issues would be solved.

But, what is Heart Consciousness?

Technically, it can be defined as “living in a state of coherence between the mind and the heart”. 

But what happens in our lives today is that we are so focused on the factual characteristics of our brain we ignore the intelligence of our hearts. This incongruence causes us to make decisions without compassion for ourselves, others and the world. We take actions that deliver uintended negative results in our lives.

Nadine Hanchar

“I am committed to bringing change in the world through the process of “heart consciousness” and the PEP Personality Process®. Stay tuned to see how this can transform your life!

Nadine Hanchar

Our Values


 It is characterized by caring commitment, intuitive awareness, and calm communication. Listening with intent, experiencing joy, gratitude, and appreciation, being in flow, unity, and community, and practicing self-love and self-compassion.


means going inward to connect with our nobleness of mind, character, and spirit. It embodies a sense of unity, coherence, and oneness, aligning authentically with our soul and heart. 

Make A Difference

It means contributing to the well-being of others and being approachable, compassionate, and cooperative. It embodies showing up with empathy and encouragement, appreciating and expressing gratitude, and being a committed environmentalist.


It embodies open-mindedness, curiosity, and the courage to explore and learn from life, experiences, others, and intuition. We embrace the endless pursuit of knowledge, continually bettering ourselves and sharing our insights with the world.

Our Mission

To create healthy relationships and to strengthen our personal, family, community and world relations and communication. So that:

 • We realize our own innate potential.

•  We work from heart consciousness, to enhance our abilities and develop new abilities using our intuition.

•  We discover where we really fit with ourselves and those around us.

•  We create a safe environment to expand our enlightenment goals

We care about assisting humanity to move forward into Heart Consciousness!

Our Vision

We will live in a world where people are valued, respected, and accepted for who they are no matter what their culture, religion, country, sexual preference, financial situation, education, or gender. 

Our Vision to live in a world filled with love, unity, compassion, and joy. It is my Vision to live in a world where we respect all living things, mother earth and our collective environments!

Heart Consciousness

is “living in a state of coherence between the mind and the heart”. 

Technically, it can be defined as “living in a state of coherence between the mind and the heart”. And when you act from this “state” the decisions you make are balanced and the results you obtain are consistent with your whole person. 

But what happens in our lives today is that we are so focused on the factual characteristics of our brain we ignore the intelligence of our hearts. This incongruence causes us to make decisions – decisions without compassion for ourselves, others and the world – and take actions that have unintended negative consequences in our lives.

And that’s what we do. Help you live with heart consciousness.

I Have Experience With…

Individual Relationship Building

Counselling can be a transformative tool to overcome major sources of distress in your life. It not only addresses immediate concerns but also plays a proactive role in helping you adapt to significant life transitions such as becoming a parent, losing a loved one, relationship break-ups, and retirement. Progressive Edge Plus aligns with your needs, values, and goals and delivers tailored support services, fostering resilience and a healthier, more balanced life.

Couples Relationship Building

Our closest relationships, such as marriage, co-habitation, or civil partnerships, are built on intimacy and trust. Challenges from work, family, finances, health, and misunderstandings can strain these bonds, leading to arguments, isolation, and disappointment.

Progressive Edge Plus offers a path to reconnecting with others on a deeper, more meaningful level. Additionally, you become more present and committed, enhancing intimacy and mutual understanding. 

Small Business Partnership Building

Running a small business partnership comes with its unique challenges. Disagreements and conflicts can arise, causing inefficiencies and straining relationships. Many partners struggle to collaborate effectively and wish to enhance their partnership’s dynamics and productivity.

Our “Small Business Partnership Building” service tackles these issues directly. We offer expert mediation to resolve conflicts, strategies to improve communication, task delegation, and goal alignment, fostering a more efficient and cohesive working environment.

Our approach helps partners understand each other’s strengths and working styles, creating a dynamic and united partnership ready for long-term success.

Small Business Team Building

Effective team collaboration is essential for any small business, yet many teams struggle with communication barriers, conflicts, and lack of motivation. Miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings and inefficiencies, while unresolved conflicts and misalignment of goals can create tension and disrupt cohesion. Additionally, low morale and disengagement can significantly impact productivity and innovation.

Our Small Business Team Building service addresses these pain points through NLP and expert consulting. By enhancing communication, we ensure team members can express themselves clearly and understand each other better. We resolve conflicts and align goals, fostering a harmonious and focused team environment. Furthermore, our strategies boost motivation and engagement, transforming your team into a cohesive, productive, and innovative unit ready to achieve your business objectives.

PEP Personality Process

The PEP Personality Process© (PEP) is an excellent tool for gaining insight into the personality types of all the key people in your life. It enhances self-awareness and self-acceptance, offering profound insights into personal and interpersonal dynamics. It helps individuals view situations from multiple perspectives and take things less personally; and fosters a deeper understanding of oneself and others. PEP provides practical tools and resources to navigate challenges, making it easier to apply solutions and make better choices in any given moment.

With PEP, you can discover what others expect from you in terms of communication and behaviour—and what you are expecting of them.

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